Founded in 2013, Emerald & Ash is a husband and wife duo. Or should that be wife and husband duo? What really matters is that Ashley and Nate make a perfect team, with Nate being the brains behind everything and Ashley spreading her creativity and glitter everywhere. That's not to say that Nate doesn't get his hands glittery as ideas for polishes come from both of us. We are inspired by things we love and hold dear, new and unusual ideas and a dose of everything nerdy and fascinating.

When we're not knee deep in glitter and bottles you can find Ashley creating arts and crafts, cook, decorating and loving all things fashion and beauty related. Nate is usually found teaching physics and continuing his learning and love affair with physics related things, he also really really loves baking and is very good at it. Baking is just science for hungry people after all!

Together we have created Emerald & Ash and continue to look forward to new and exciting things to create while also being able to share with you all something that we dearly love. 

Thank you for taking your time to look at and try out our products. They are a labor of love and imagination. And we hope that comes across to you!